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Shared Parenting Advice for the Back-to-School Season

Shared Parenting Advice for the Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school season is one of the busiest times of the year for parents. The stress of trying to get everything your child needs is even more complicated when you add in a new shared parenting plan. 

Although the reality of navigating the world of co-parenting can seem overwhelming, there are tips that can make this transition easier. Focus on your child and remember the parenting plan that you legally established. Remain flexible and be willing to reevaluate the schedule if it becomes a stumbling block for your child. This new phase is easier if you are mindful of your parenting plan and work collaboratively with your child’s other parent to provide a sense of stability. 

Continue reading to learn more about how to have a successful back-to-school season while following a new shared parenting plan.

Prioritize Regular Communication.

When mentioning shared parenting advice, communication is key. Try prioritizing transparency and honesty as you work to communicate with your child’s other parent. Arguments can further aggravate an already tough situation. Aim to speak clearly about your expectations for this school year’s schedule and be willing to listen to any concerns that might arise. 

Your child’s other parent is not the only person you should be communicating with. Monitor your child’s feelings to evaluate how your co-parenting plan is impacting them. If you notice a shift in attitude or grades, talk to them. Your parenting plan should not be based solely on convenience – it is imperative that you are aware of how this new schedule is affecting your child.  

If you and your child’s other parent agree, consider talking to your child’s teacher. Inform them of your shared parenting agreement and ask for them to let you know if they observe any behaviors out of the ordinary. They may be able to offer unique insight into how your child is handling the back-and-forth of your parenting plan.

Plan for School Breaks and Extracurricular Activities.

According to the Ohio Supreme Court, “[w]ritten parenting time schedules provide children and parents with predictability and consistency and can prevent future conflict.” As you are working to establish a co-parenting agreement, it is important to consider school breaks and extracurricular activities. You may choose to keep your schedule consistent or adjust it to account for these events. Whatever you and your child’s other parent decide, talk about the plan well in advance. This will help prevent frustrations that may arise from a change in schedule.

Shared parenting requires a level of flexibility and respect. As in all areas of life, things come up and you may need to adjust schedules. Work diligently to remain cordial with your child’s other parent – this positively impacts you and your child. 

Shared Parenting Advice & Drafting a Parenting Plan?

Co-parenting isn’t always easy, but the stress and burden can be relieved with helpful shared parenting advice. The attorneys at Flanagan, Lieberman, and Rambo are experienced in family law and can help you create a parenting plan that fits your unique situation. Our team of respected lawyers understand the complexities associated with shared parenting. We will walk beside you, with compassion and care. Our priority is to make certain that you feel comfortable and confident with the final custody agreement that is established.

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