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5 Qualifications and Attributes You Should Look For in a Criminal Defense Attorney

5 Qualifications and Attributes You Should Look


Criminal cases should never be taken lightly. These cases require meticulous attention to detail, expert knowledge of your rights, and a thorough understanding of the judicial system’s complexities.

You wouldn’t hire a general practitioner to perform life-saving open heart surgery. You would seek out an accomplished surgeon who not only specializes in the surgery you require but who also has a strong reputation of successful patient outcomes. If you wouldn’t trust your health to just anyone, why would you take any less care in selecting a criminal defense attorney who has both the expertise and passion to fight for your rights?

The process of identifying and selecting a criminal defense attorney can seem daunting – especially when faced with serious legal repercussions. You need a team of professional attorneys who are not only on your side but will also treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve.

Unsure of where to begin? Continue reading to learn more about the qualifications and attributes you should be looking for in a criminal defense attorney.


Education matters. When seeking a respected attorney, don’t take for granted their education. Ask about their academic background as well as their reasoning for pursuing criminal defense law. Have they been the recipient of any notable awards? Are they affiliated with any respected organizations? Do they have any pertinent certifications?

Don’t assume credentials. Ask questions to better understand the qualifications of your criminal defense attorney – an exhaustive understanding of the law could mean the difference between winning your case or facing significant criminal charges.


Experience is not a skill learned quickly. You want to make sure that the attorney you hire is accomplished in the area in which you need them most. Which courts has your attorney been admitted into? An attorney who only has municipal court experience will not be the helping hand you are seeking to fight federal level charges.

Not all experience is relevant to your case – make certain that your attorney has fought similar legal battles and has successfully won for other clients. Experience breeds confidence. You want a criminal defense attorney who has not only fought similar cases but who also has the determination and poise to defend your rights tirelessly.

Experience and connections are often interrelated. Experience and connections are often interrelated. Knowledge of not only local, state, and federal proceedings, along with the respective personnel at each level, enables our attorneys to provide a multitude of resources and expertise to our clients. You want a well-connected criminal defense attorney who has invested in external resources because the law is not upheld single-handedly. A reputable attorney should be known by many.

Communication Skills.

You should see it as a red flag if there is a pattern of miscommunication or even a lack of consistent dialogue with your criminal defense attorney. Your attorney has been tasked with walking beside you, knowing the most intimate details of your case – this cannot successfully be done from a distance. You and your lawyer are on the same team. It is imperative for you to be in regular communication with your legal representation to ensure that no detail is missed.

Negotiation skills cannot be overlooked. An experienced attorney not only knows precisely what the law states but can also defend it relentlessly. A well-spoken criminal defense lawyer is the expert you need on your side when you are at your most vulnerable.


Integrity cannot be bought. An attorney with a strong moral compass will be able to identify right from wrong and will have the drive to ensure justice prevails. Keep a watchful eye on how your criminal defense attorney acts inside and outside of the courtroom. You should not compromise on anything but an unyielding adherence to the law and a commitment to absolute honesty.


A comprehensive understanding of the law is a non-negotiable trait of a criminal defense attorney and so is a sense of compassion. Your case is personal, and your legal representation should see it as such. Look for an attorney who will not only fight for you but will stand firmly beside you when you need them most.

Empathy cannot be taught. Criminal defense lawyers should view you as a person first and a case second. You may feel as though you are on an emotional rollercoaster as you navigate the justice system – remember that you are not fighting alone. It is important that you work alongside an attorney who makes certain you feel respected and heard throughout your legal proceedings.

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