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3 Steps to Take if Your Child has been Arrested

3 - Steps to Take if Your Child has been Arrested

3 - Steps to Take if Your Child has been Arrested

Picture this – You just received an unexpected, and understandably frightening, call that your child has been arrested. A wave of emotions flood over you as you frantically scramble to understand the gravity of the situation.

Would you know what steps to take if you received the news that your child has broken the law and is being held accountable for it?

Many parents never anticipate dealing with the juvenile court system and yet there were an estimated 424,300 juvenile arrests in 2020. Although startling, if your child does encounter legal trouble, there is help available. Hiring a qualified team of attorneys can help eliminate your fears while giving you the confidence to fight for your child.

Continue reading to learn what steps you should take if your child has a run-in with juvenile law.

Remain Calm and Respectful

As in most situations, your demeanor matters. Be conscious of your emotions and the ways in which your disposition is impacting the problem your child is facing. Work diligently to remain calm as it will not only allow you to think clearly but will also give your child hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

You may disagree with law enforcement, but you should never be disrespectful. You risk further aggravating the situation by acting or speaking in an uncivil manner. Self-control must be prioritized as you work to understand what led your child to an arrest. Speak calmly and respectfully – keeping a sensible state of mind will be to your advantage as you navigate this new territory.

Hire an Attorney

Don’t try to protect your child’s rights alone. Defending your child’s rights is a fight that no one person or set of parents should have to endure by themselves. Seeking legal help from a team of seasoned attorneys is essential to ensuring that your child receives comprehensive legal services through the entirety of the process. You can rest easier knowing that the skilled and experienced attorneys at Flanagan, Liberman & Rambo are on your side, able to guide you through this complex experience and ready to exhaustively fight for your child’s rights. Remember that you or your child should never speak to law enforcement without the guidance from an experienced attorney who specializes in juvenile law.

Seeking help from a seasoned attorney should not be perceived as optional. In order to fully protect your child’s rights, it is essential that you employ the help of accomplished legal representation. This is not a step that can wait – be quick in your efforts to secure an attorney who has a comprehensive knowledge of juvenile law. You can rest easier knowing that you are not in this fight alone.

Details Matter

Whether wrongfully accused or not, your child has details worth sharing with you and their attorney. Speak to your child and listen closely as they recount the activities that led to their arrest. Details matter but can often become blurred as time passes. Take careful, precise notes delineating your conversation and share them with your child’s attorney. No detail is too small.

Support Your Child

Your child is in a very vulnerable, unsettling state when they are faced with the potential consequences of criminal charges. They need your support now more than ever before. Offer a listening ear when they need to speak and sit with them as they wrestle with a variety of emotions. You know your child best. Consider employing the help of a licensed therapist if you feel it would be to their benefit to seek professional help.

You are not in this alone

Juvenile law is complex, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. You can more confidently endure the pressures of your child’s legal troubles when you have a team of experienced attorneys ready to fight for your family.

The attorneys at Flanagan, Lieberman, & Rambo are here to help. Call us today, so that we can start defending your child’s rights immediately.


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